[2-4 Июля] 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology Engineering

Organized by the Kulliyyah of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

Title of Conference: 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology Engineering (ICBioE’13) – 2013


Venue: Kuala Lumpur

Date: 2-4 July 2013


All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding with ISBN and the selected high-quality papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication in the Two ISI Journals:

Australian Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences (AJBAS)

International Food Research Journal (IFRJ).


The challenges of feeding the phenomenally growing world population, finite resources, mitigating climate change, and encouraging innovation require a common effort from stake-holders such as, researchers, academics, technopreneurs, policymakers,decision makers, and captains of industry. Through collaboration and networking, they must find solutions which are sustainable in the long-term through development and application of sustainable and innovative biotechnology principles for sustainable global peace, prosperity, and improved quality of life.

Agricultural and industrial biotechnology, innovation and the bio-based economy all have a role to play to increase resource efficiency in the agricultural sector. Moreover, they can benefit agro-allied industries, farmers, and rural economies, and bring new business and job opportunities, which are essential if nations are to become more competitive and more self-sufficient. All stake-holders are therefore enjoined to be committed to play an active and positive role in protecting the environment and tackling climate change, and they should be given access to the best tools by the policymakers, technologies and support measures by researchers, academicians and funding agencies to enable them to fulfil these laudable goals.

The transition towards a bio-based economy, driven by the production of renewable biomass, represents the shift towards more resource efficient innovation-driven products and processes. However, there is now no doubt that biotechnology applied in many industrial products and processes brings with it significant environmental as well as economic benefits, in areas as diverse and important as climate change, water conservation and reduction in the production of toxic pollutants.

One of the major aims of this conference is therefore to bring together all stakeholders such as researchers, academics, technopreneurs, decision makers policy-makers, etc. involved in biotechnology applications in diverse areas of human endeavour to champion the systematic evidence that biotechnology, used appropriately, can contribute to improved industrial eco-efficiency as well as peace and prosperity to mankind. In the private sector, industrial biotechnology continues to produce more versatile chemicals and materials with significantly lower environmental impact than physico-chemical methods.

Advances in areas such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and pathway engineering are delivering new generations of bio-transformation technologies, opening up real potential for using renewable biomass as feed-stock for industrial products and processes across a broad range of economic sectors.

Moving towards the use of more bio-based products and processes offers the prospect of reducing reliance on finite resources of fossil fuels and developing and sustaining an economy that is increasingly based on renewable resources, produces much lower carbon emissions, and so has the potential to make a significant contribution to mitigating climate change. There is also great potential for creating new industries that use biotechnology applications for environmental protection, for example, in waste management, bioremediation, the control of pests, biocides, bio-detergents, bio-fertilizer etc.

To facilitate keeping pace with the rapid global demand and biotechnological innovation the Faculty of Engineering at the International Islamic University Malaysia is organizing the 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology (ICBIOE’13) in Kuala Lumpur with the theme ‘INNOVATIVE AND GREEN BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE’ as one of the means of bringing together bioenvironmental engineers, biochemical engineers, bio-scientists, policymakers, technopreneurs, industry captains etc. to disseminate their research findings and innovations. ICBIOE’13 will provide a forum for networking which will enhance peace and prosperity of mankind as well as knowledge for service to improve the quality of life in the Global Village the world has become today. The forum will also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to seek partnership with scientists, engineers etc. to commercialize their invention and products to meet the demands of a globalized world.


·To serve as a platform for engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to meet and interact to exchange information, ideas and share knowledge.
·To promote opportunities for commercialization of biotechnology research findings, innovations and products.
·To enhance proper and efficient documentation and dissemination of research and innovation to interested parties.
·To promote the efficient utilization of natural resources through application of green technology principles in research, innovation and product development for sustainable and healthy environment.

Itinerary of Conference:

·Oral presentation
·Poster presentation
·Exhibition by Companies and Industries
·Field trips (optional)
·Short Course (optional)