[25 — 27 Ноября] International Forum on «Genomics, Innovations and Economic Growth»

International Forum on «Genomics, Innovations and Economic Growth», which will take place in Mexico City from November 25-27, 2013
It aims to review different ways of how genomics impacts the bioeconomy and to seek to promote synergies to strengthen genomics innovation in areas such as health care, food and energy.

This International Forum on «Genomics, Innovations and Economic Growth» is jointly organised by the Human Genome Organization (HUGO), GBC Group and Genómica y Bioeconomía, in co-operation with the OECD. The programme for the event includes 15 plenary lectures by international leaders of the field, including the Director of the US National Institute of Genome Research Eric Green, and HUGO’s President Stylianos Antonarakis, and six symposia with more that 25 specialists in specific areas of genomics and the bioeconomy.

Genomics is increasingly playing a role in the economics of industrialised countries, in areas such as human and animal health and agriculture and the environment, food and nutrition. It also contributes to justice and security, for example, through work on forensics. The dramatic reduction in the cost of sequencing has opened up many new possibilities in terms of the volume and detail of the research that can be conducted, with the genomes of over 5,000 species now having been sequenced.

The International Forum offers an opportunity to discuss the important topic of genomics and its future and diverse roles in our society and I would very much welcome your active participation in the forum. The contribution of the Working Party on Biotechnology in policy this area has been significant over the years and continues now, having recently been highlighted at the BioMarine 2013 Business Convention in Halifax, Canada. The Forum will examine topics such as this (in its session on “Genomics and the fishing and aquaculture industry”), as well as many others including synthetic biology, biofuels and genomic medicine. A brochure (attached) can also be downloaded from the following link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4726898/brochure_ingles_v5.pdf